UX research helps influence decisions made in a business, the target market, product, and future goals of your business. How you do your research will help with the success or failure of your product. It is an important method to ensuring users take the right actions, avoid confusion, and benefit from features and product flows.

Every UX research project should start with a plan.

A user research plan is a concise reference point for your project’s timeline, goals, main players, and objectives. It’s not always used extensively after the project has started, except to remind stakeholders of a project’s purpose…

This article is intended to be a two-part series. In Planning And Running an Ideation Workshop — Part 1, I discussed basic best practices in planning and facilitating workshops for anyone getting started in this format. In Part 2, I will explore some of the deeper challenges we faced in planning and running a remote design workshops with our client Medius.

About Medius

Medius is a leading global provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, helping organisations drive their business forward by enabling best-in-class process efficiency, cost saving opportunities and greater financial control. …

A workshop to turn user research insights into UX solutions

After having been inspired by customer challenges and problems through gathering data during the two-month research phase for our client Medius to redesign their website, it was time to brainstorm and generate as many ideas as possible as potential solutions. And then to cluster, select, and combine the most novel ones and to develop them into concepts. This is the Ideation phase.

Before I get into how we at PRWD conducted a two-day Remote Design Studio with our client Medius, I think it’s important to first define what a design…

How to fulfill your potential whilst maturing the industry

In a world where we have no control over the pandemic and basic human needs of safety, social belonging, and financial security are threatened, success isn’t defined by traditional growth. Success is measured by how we ease the human experience of the crisis, making human-centered approaches to problem solving all the more relevant.

While business leaders may be focused on the crisis financial impact to their daily operations, they must also consider how these changes are affecting their employees, their families and the community.

Companies have been trying to adopt customer…

E- commerce website | UX Design

This project is a two–week design challenge I did as part of the UX Design Immersive Course at General Assembly. I was tasked to design a new e-commerce website for an imaginary local, independent bookshop — Bookworm Books. Some of the initial stages of the project, in particular the competitive analysis and site visits, were done as a group, but most of it was a solo effort.

The Brief

Bookworm books has been Bethnal Green’s neighbourhood book shop since 1982.

Brand values

Their business model is based on customer service, reasonable pricing and keeping it local. …

Winda App — UX/UI Case Study

We’ve all been there haven’t we; you have planned a trip out with the family and you’re busy checking the weather forecast in the days preceding. Should you leave the house once the rain has passed? or head out early before it arrives? Hour by hour forecasts help decision making but they’re subject to change. When did a simple day out get so difficult to plan?

As my first project for the General Assembly UX Design Immersive Course, I was tasked with a solo project to design a rapid prototype of a mobile app…

Explore your city with NAVA | UX Design project

I am sure many of us have experienced moving to a new city at some point in our lives. Personally, I felt alone, I didn’t have friends and didn’t even know how to begin to explore a place like London. I would have benefitted from an app like NAVA.

This is the final project of the GA UX Design Immersive Course to create a design solution for NAVA.

The Client

NAVA is re-inventing city discovery by matching venues and consumers together using machine learning. For consumers, that means personalised recommendations on where…

UX Design Project

Sweaty Betty customers for the new campaign #youwearitbest

The Brief

This was a concept brief to develop a social app based around individuals or groups that want to meet up to work out. The client was Sweaty Betty, a British retailer specialising in women’s activewear with the aim to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness.


  • allows users to book a class or activity
  • find other users interested in similar activities and arrange to meet up
  • have clear instructions of where to go and how to get there

Team & Role
Working collaboratively as a team of 3, we divided up the tasks to play on our…

One of the very few seemingly positive episodes of Black Mirror was ‘San Junipero’. In this, humans can upload their consciousness and transverse eternally in the party heaven of an 80’s inspired beach town. There is active research happening around projects like BRAIN Initiative, Blue Brain, and the Human Brain Project, which deal in brain emulation and mapping brain connectivity. Scientists have already created a digital worm and transferred it into a robot and hence an artificial brain is not something impossible.

We already know for sure that in the foreseeable future, the world described in the TV show Black…

Lidia Sambito

UX Researcher

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