One of the very few seemingly positive episodes of Black Mirror was ‘San Junipero’. In this, humans can upload their consciousness and transverse eternally in the party heaven of an 80’s inspired beach town. There is active research happening around projects like BRAIN Initiative, Blue Brain, and the Human Brain Project, which deal in brain emulation and mapping brain connectivity. Scientists have already created a digital worm and transferred it into a robot and hence an artificial brain is not something impossible.

We already know for sure that in the foreseeable future, the world described in the TV show Black Mirror might become the reality. Everything and everyone would be connected to the Internet. We might no longer see the world with our own eyes, instead, what we see would be the virtual, digitized reality. We can conveniently see how the clothes would look on us without even trying them on. We can feel the taste of food without eating them. We might build our social relationship and status upon virtual scoring, in which we would score a friend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger like the shop assistant who serves us coffee in each encounter, and get scored ourselves in reverse. E-learning has been trying for a while now to complement the way we learn to make it more effective and measurable.

Without any hesitation, I joined the Digital Marketing Nanodegree (#IminDMND) of Udacity, the online University by Silicon Valley.
Ever since, I have been learning practical Digital Marketing concepts, methodologies and case studies endorsed by the world’s most forward-thinking companies, Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, etc. Most importantly, I’m allowed to accumulate hands-on experience to manage Digital Marketing campaigns and projects.

So, what happens next? I suppose it’s too soon to tell, but so far I find this course to be convenient for me in many ways, it’s fast paced and dynamic, it appeals to both kinesthetic and visual learners and best of all, it deals with real world projects as well as cutting edge technology so I can honestly say I’m really glad I stumbled upon it.I’m really excited to see what opportunities this will bring and I’ll tell you a little bit more about it later on.

UX Researcher